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I think, Both Kick and Chennai Express are winner in weekend at their own places ! Check here

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I will not judge which film(KICK, Chennai Express) is winner in weekend as I think both are winner . As you guys follow BOI, the weekend differance between Kick(82cr) and Chennai Express(87cr) around 5cr . But Chennai Express is one year old film now . At the same time, Kick released 400 more screens with average 15% higher ticket price then Chennai Express according to reports . Chennai Express also had paid previous which itself become cost 2cr-3cr in opening day according to BOI which they published during that time . Btw the most important thing you that, a extra holiday in weekdays is much more beneficial then weekend because due to huge buzz and starpower films like Kick and Chennai Express easily can get bumper opening even if it is a non holiday release . Tell me, what could be opening day collection of Chennai Express if it had a non holiday release like Kick and not had paid previous ? I don't think it less then 25cr . While at present Chennai Express opening day 30.5cr . So EID day made just 5.5cr differance on opening day . In saturday and sunday it could be around 2cr . Total 7cr differance made EID for Chennai Express . So, Chennai Express could done 80cr weekend if it released on non holiday instead EID holiday . Both film are winner at their own places .
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Coudnt agree more absolutely right imo both have done equally well in opening weekend as ce has holiday benifit and kick had increased ticket prices,screen benifit which even things out.

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