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It's sad to see that Tamil industry doesn't care much about reaching the North Belt like the Telugu and Kannada do. I don't know if Leo would have done big in Hindi Belt but they don't even try to promote it or give it a propre release. Same went with Jailer.

What do you think ?
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Outside 3 SSR Films only 1 Telugu film Pushpa clicked in North Belt which promoted as 2 part movie.

Even from Kannada except Hombale studio's KGF & Kantara nothing clicked in North belt.

Both Kannada & Telugu Film Industries produces 300+ movies yearly. You want them to dub these to Hindi for theatrical Release ?
I prefer Tamil films to Telegu's and it's like a selfish dream, i want Tamil films to have wider reach.
Tamil film Industry has a wider reach compared to Telugu Film Industry since from Independence any doubt.!

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When they are not promoting in their own state Tamilnadu, how you can expect them to promote Tamil movies in North Belt.

Leave about North Belt, Tamil stars don't promote even in other South Indian States like AP, TG, Karnataka & Kerala.
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Wasn't talking about the promotion rather the wide release. Leo is being released only in a handful of cinemas.
That's bcz of National MultiPlexes Screening Rule that if movie want shows it must have 8 weeks Gap between Theatrical & OTT Release.

Since Leo opting for early OTT Release bcz of Higher premium amount from OTT platform within 5 weeks making it not to get National MultiPlexes release.

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