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Growing up watching Madhuri but it has to be sridevi 1 female superstar of bollywood

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i would say mega prostitute sunny leone is the biggest female actress of modern age..... adjusted for screens and ticket prices and opening collection of her movies would reach like 15cr today....... that is equivalent to akshay kumar in his peak.

even madhuri digzit was at her peak when she was playing a prostitute..... like in khalnayak.... side note....madhuri dixit was obsessed with playing prostitute on screens..... my favorite is obviously from devdas...

side side note...i wonder why every actress in her peak chooses to play a prostitute.... that old time woman PAKEEZA...... to these new kareena kapoor in chameli .or aishwarya in umrao jaan....... or katrina kaif in TOH.... or that auty ...ummmmmm kya naam hai...... that producer wife..... she was in dirty picture..... begam jaan.

untapped market for male actors

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I narrowly escape death laughing


Opening day collections would be 15cr...equivalent to Akshay in his peak. Lmaooooooo


lol deserves a new best answer for detailed explanation.

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Acting- Madhuri

Boxoffice- Hema

by All Time best! (326k points)
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Madhuri Dixit>Sridevi>Hema Malini

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From my point of view i think all are same.

by Production Designer (12.2k points)
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Biggest actress among these its definitely Hema malini.

by Executive Producer (63.7k points)
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Hemaji was big in 70s, Sridevi in 80s, Madhuri in 90s so all were big in their peak time r best phase.

by Producer (118k points)
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Grown up watching Madhuri more than other two actress.... so Madhuri for me.

by Editor (84.9k points)
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Madhuri Dixit is no.1

by Set Decorator (1.5k points)

Hema with max blockbuster and hits but as female superstar Madhuri has dominated the most.

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Acting -Sridevi
Stardom- Hema Malini
Then comes Madhuri Dixit and Mumtaz

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Sridevi......Pan India Superstar

only actor in 100 years of Indian film history.......baki BigB, SRk, salman rajnikanth, chiranjeevi, mohanlal, mammooty, rajkumar yeh sab apne apne industry ke king the.......ab iske bad jisko line me rakhna hai rakh do

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