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do u think he is so popular that public will listen to him as watching film is different from voting in election to from govt  well directed propaganda film by makers
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they dont have the guts to say directly even sameer wankhede made fun of srk for his dialogue in the film bete ko haath lagane se pehle baap se baat kar dum hai to seedha bolta film ke through kya bolta hai he said i have faced hurricanes not bothered about him his son is outside beacuse of ncb not because of influence of srk who couldnt do much

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Elections ? Democracy? Do u think this is going to go away ? It's like dried shit 
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A Big No..! Jawan is a Masala Entertainer film.

Seems you are in a wrong imagination of your own. The issues which ' Jawan ' movie spoke is not pointed towards just current Government but also previous Governments one.

Moreover film is helmed by a Tamil Filmmaker, Atlee Kumar. If you notice majority of Tamil films speak these issues & may be this is fresh subject for Bollywood not for Indian Cinema.
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