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Now say, a Kangna Ranaut - is excellent in her arts, wants a 100 crore fees for a movie. OR a Tapsee Pannu wants 50 crores. At their best phases and with the help of a good script and male superstars what was the collections they could bring to the project as a whole?

SRK with his worst movie Zero did 191 crores WW gross with a domestic gross of 87 crores. Aamir did ~70 crores gross in India and a WW gross of ~130 crores. We know the box-office pull of Salman, Akki, HR, Ajay, Ranbir with the right content.

Sometimes I ask myself - are these chitter-chatter ladies even worth a watch without a male lead? And find the answer in that one of their movies in lifetime has worked good(Just good, not excellent) in box-office and that one had a strong content.

I am sure a Deepika Padukone is paid more than one Arjun Kapoor(or may be 5); but one Salman or Aamir or SRK deserve the payment of 5 Deepikas because people want to see them at any cost.

Bollywood needs to find box-office superstars in ladies again like once it had Hema or Madhuri. Otherwise, these girls talking too much makes no difference and they won't be paid a 100 crores for a movie.

Average earnings per movie of Tapsee Pannu without a male lead could be less than 10 crores and her asking 10 crores for fees make no sense, and same goes to Kangna, or any other ladies.

Having said that, there could be things that need to be changed regarding payment. All male superstars in bollywood have a stake in every projects they do and hence they already get less pay if their movies do bad; but there are less of these ladies who would stake their money in any projects coz they simply don't believe in themselves having a box office pull, but they still want to keep asking for money instead of themselves trying to be a Hema Malini or Madhuri Dixit.

What's your take on this? May be they told it in different contexts. Is Shahid Kapoor being paid more than Deepika? Or Rajpal being paid more than Aditi Rao Hydari? Are there any females that could be a superstar like at least a Ranbir Kapoor in terms of box office pull? I don't think so, and let's discuss if there could be a lady superstar who deserves 100 crores fees...
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Girls don't form fanclubs and spend hours on social media supporting the films of their favorite actresses. If they do this and buy few lakh tickets for any females centric film than we could also see female megastars and superstars. 

What's the point of equality if you have to ask for it and be dependent on the goodwill of men of the society to gift you it. 
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I think pay should be equal among equals. A "Alia Bhatt" should be paid more than likes of John Abraham, Varun Dhawan, etc but you can't expect her to be paid same level as the Big 6.

At the end of day, pay should be decided on what your pull as star is, irrespective of gender.
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I have watched many good movies of Taapsee in the last few years but I haven't encountered a single good movie of Dharavi stars Sharukh or Salman in God knows how many years.... your post is senseless... stop judging movies with money...
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Good movies and those of Tapsee watched by how many people? 100 person rating a movie 10/10, is that a good movie because only 100 watched and rated it good?

SRK, Salman with bad movies still have 1 crores people watching it, and at least a lake people liking even bad things they do unlike 100 fans of Tapsee like you.

Movies/Cinema is an industry, one damn big industry and money is involved. Period.

If no money is made with non-star (non-)actors like Tapsee, they will be replaced with the ones who can make money.

Go watch Tapsee's Run Lola Run, brother. You deserve the punishment.
90% Indians are slum audience or have taste of slum people...that's around 135cr people if I consider population to be 150cr including refugees and Bangladeshis.... 1cr people watching a srk Salman movie means less than 1% audience among the slum audience have watched it
Ok brother. Fully agree with you. We from slums love him. Stranger thing is - even rarer category of elite people total 100 in the while world like Tapsee Pannu, glad to have found 1/100 rare species here in our forum. Bring one more like you please...

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