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Share your views on these songs. I always believed these type of songs suit him extremely well.

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1. Hangover Teri Yaadon Ka from KICK (2014).


2. Tumko Toh Aana Hi Tha from Jai Ho (2014).


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These soft romantic numbers do suits him but i feel there is more to do with music,lyrics and co star than just salman's presence in these kind of songs. Hangover and tumko both as audio is good but in visuals hangover score more ,reason is his chemistry with co star jacquline which is far better than his chemistry with daisy in tumko....

by Production Accountant (23.4k points)
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I agree..............................

by All Time best! (326k points)
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Yeah , these songs suits his lover boy image. But my most favourite romantic salman song is 'ajnabe shaher ' ,soft and melodious .

by Star (151k points)
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Yes I also agree that these kind of romantic songs do suit salman very much, but my personal favorite will be when salman acts a bit shy or shows a little bit nautanki in songs just like in HAHK and HSSH. Regarding these two songs, tumko toh aana hi tha is just a decent song for me with good choreography. I very much like the lyrics and tunes of hangover. Video also looks great. The setting is awesome and the chemistry between salman and Jacqueline looks great as well. But I personally feel that the choreography for hangover could have been better as salman's dance steps in the song is not up to the mark.

by Producer (101k points)


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