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And the proud moment is here - 'The living legend' Shah Rukh Khan honoured with the Legion d'Honneur by the French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius !
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keep ruling baadshah ,nd hater's keep crying cuz he will give u more nd more reasons to cry...

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Proud of india,an inspiration to the millions around d world,the great human being ,the common man like all his fans,the 2nd richest actor in d world,the king,the baadshah of bollywood

Don Srk Take a bow man,u r born to rule the world cinema ,u r the kohinoor diamond in world cinema...
Now after receiving Bhartratna aka legion of honour of france u will surely gets Indian highest civilian award for ur fantastic mighty career in bollywood Insha allah

The Long live King

Nd my last words for his haters,do suicide before degrading the pride of india cuz of his hardwork ur punny stars enjoying overseas bo run nd recognition

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jug jug jiyo @mahesh.
agar mein kar sakta toh tumhe 10k point deta for this post.
btw our special reporter tell us that according to haters (whose backyards have turn red) srk has bought this award too.
poor haters!!!

proud indian and proud to be srkian

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Its proud moments for all of us and sharukh is pride for india.

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u r too good man,greatest unbias user of this forum ...
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Proud To Be A SRKian.. He is the only Global Megastar of Hindi Cinema.. The Self proclaimed Mr.PerFAKEtionist and The other Bhojpuri Khan Needs 1 Lakh Births to Reach King SRK's Level..

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congratulations ..............srk and srk fans...........!!

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thnx nova we dont want to abuse salman and salmanians but kuch log hum mein phut dalte hein.i knoW U UNDERSTAND.
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All Hail d KING. (bow)

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Kis bat ke liye diya.I think srk promised to dance in some function of that french prime minister.

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yoyo honey singh, mika, arijit, shukvinder,kapil sharma all are punjabi.
abi tu kaha sa aa gaya bhai.just tell me do aamir gurantes 10 mn overseas.
ashish bhai filhal ethe north india vs east hai. Would u treat as north indian or not?
phir bhag gaya

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