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Just watched #Jawan!

One of the best new Indian blockbuster I’ve seen in a while, for all the fun but also for touching raw nerves in Indian society throughout a new take on #RobinHood ft #Joker + #MI with #ShahRukhKhan’s usual flair and swagger, lots of stylised violence, stop motion, non-stop action, insane stunts, lots of humor, tons of heart, social-political commentary as heavy handed as I’ve ever seen in a blockbuster, music and dance.

This movie goes places!

The way the film moves from completely unrelated themes and aesthetics is just insane and the plot twists on how characters are always related somehow it’s my animal spirit. It’s almost like you mix and blend all genres and as a result you have #Jawan aka SOLDIER!

The amazing thing about watching movies from all over the world is to see how a country’s culture influences that same situations are handled in a completely different way than an American blockbuster for instance.

Some situations where you just know that would be the perfect Hollywood cliché of heroes showing altruism or virtue signaling, in #Jawan they go exactly as you think they would go in real life. It’s not cool from a moral standpoint, but it’s honest and even felt refreshing haha.

And for the people that complain that American blockbusters are too political while they mostly do it through allegories or implied situations, I’d love to see their reactions if Hollywood went as clear as day as #Jawan goes. Sometimes, that’s the righteous approach.

Kudos to #ShahRukhKhan for the incredible job that truly demanded A LOT of him, physically and as an actor portraying so different *things*. It’s undeniable he was having the time of his life. And he delivered the most honest and necessary monologue regarding elections I’ve seen any star deliver in a film in a long while, and that should be seen by many countries’ citizens who definitely need to listen to what he has to say.

And I loved the little girl Suji, what a little star!

100% recommend. Lived up to my expectations and gave me more!
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Is it better than RRR and KFG versions and yrf spy series

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Saw it twice already (once with my wife and the other with friends).

I ll try and put a review later, but i loved it :-)
Miles better than Pathaan !
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Is it 4stars+ ? In reality ..?
For me yes, but maybe for people from the south it will seem like another Atlee film.
The message vehiculed is much more powerful and SRK portrayed as a badass is a delight. The VFX is top (way ahead of Pathaan).
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I will not watch the film as action of shahrukh doesnt look convincing
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