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BREAKING - #Jawan crosses 386 Crores at the worldwide Box Office in just 3 Days.

- Day 1 : 129.6 Crores

- Day 2 : 110.80 Crores

- Day 3 : 145 Crores

Total 3 Days : 386.4 Crores

All Time Records Numbers.

**** Trends is not over yet. 4th day Advance Booking ~ 44 crore Gross is PHENOMENAL with 90% housefull shows in India. EXCELLENT week-end in Overseas.
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It's inflation bro . Nothing out of the world . We have half a dozen Bollywood films in 2010s which attracted same/little more audience in their opening. Just because u see organized videos of srkians going mad on fan shows , burning crackers or dancing with their belts off , it doesn't mean that Jawan opening is out of the world , it's inflation. 

More people went to watch Barbie in America than jawaan in India , what culture u r talking about ?
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All the cirkus put aside, it's still an achievement to put 1,5 Cr FF in 4 days !
After with the inflation it's clear that the numbers are getting bigger and bigger ! The FF will be the right comparaison but Collections click more with social media world.
Only France in the big countries use the admissions as boxoffice barometer.
Perhaps its an India culturals
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Baahubali KGF Chapter 2 and RRR is still miles ahead of jawaan saare record nahi khatam hue abhi der hai lets wait and watch how the film does
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