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Ashes tour of Australia 2013-14

England lost the test series 5-0

England lost the ODI series 4-1

England lost the T20 series 3-0

WT20 2014 

England were eliminated in the group stages and lost to Holland in the process

Sri Lanka in England 2014

England lost the T20I

England lost the ODI series 3-2

England lost the test series 1-0

Now this England team is low on confidence so India can take advantage. Views??



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Actually there will be pressure on England as well as India.

India can't afford a loss to a team in not so good form

and England can't afford consecutive losses and loss to a team which hasn't won a test in overseas since 2-3 Years.

By The Way , I Want India to Win.

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The major reason for England debacle in past 1 year is Captain Alaister Cook form itself , chances are there for series win

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