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People are saying that it's absolutely insane . As far as I can remember 3i got such acclaim from its Target audience ( multiplex) . So , since Jawan is more universal than 3i , as its appealing to the masses too,  can it have 4cr Hindi FF? And if doesn't then I will consider this praise  manufacturered by Srk's PR and left wing influencers on Social media .
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Time will tell. The 4 Cr FF mark is a real task now (equivalent to 600-650 Cr Net). The opening day will be in the 33-35 Lac FF only.

The advance for tomorrow is excellent so the week-end is going to be huge and the test will be monday as usual.
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Bro as per Sacnilk, Pathaan itself had 32 lakh footfalls for 68 cr+ Gross.

Jawan early estimates are 85 to 89 crore+ Gross so expecting more footfalls if it's trustworthy one.
I used the data of advance booking for Jawan on day one :
Almost 16 lac FF for almost 41 Cr gross. After it all depends on ATP.
Got it but Advance sales have more ATP compared to counter tickets & single screens.

Especially in TN ticket rates range from Rs.60 to 150 in both single screens & Multiplexs.
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I have the exact same question, I guess we'll have answers by Monday so let's see.
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Can not trust anybody these days , na qaabil e bharosa .
 I was expecting 3-4stars from Twitter and mainstream critics , i was expecting firecrackers inside auditorium by srkians , I was also expecting srkians coming out of the hall singing praise of Jawan  . But now even the political influencers are singing praise..right wing influencers sang praises for Kashmir files and kerela stories , so it's little confusing nowadays to see the real picture.
When it comes to politics, they fellow an agenda. For Jawan, they want to capitalise on SRK speech in the film !
Shayad . But I'm yet to see a negative review of Jawan . So that means it's a good film . But how good we will come to know on Monday.
I know man, It's difficult to differentiate between real and paid wom nowadays especially post covid era where films like Kashmir Files and Kerala story run on agendas.
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For me Right now Enjoy the Euphoria that's it..! Rest will follow..! if Movie is worth of it w.r.t Fame & Boxoffice.
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