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Shah Rukh Khan


Yeh social media waali ghatia baatein mat karo yaar. Have positive thoughts and good feelings for all. Better for life. #Jawan


Asmat Khan Afd


Replying to @iamsrk

#Jawan ka Kitna Booking Cooperate hai aur Kitna real? #AskSRK

MINE COMMENT 1 day back regarding Organic collection

Come out of this Illusion brother these are just Gimmicks within the Industry circles which will not bother much to public.

In India no one has ability to track movies collection till last of the ticket or last of the decimal of Boxoffice figures

Don't fall in this vast Social Media Negativity world.

Take a chill pill, have entertainment with movies, make good career, enjoy the life & have fun in conversations.
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This all social media crap is out of control.
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collections are available if we go by what he say then even pathan collections can be fake but they are not since boi has given the data which is accurate this is digital world every data is available for public so this shows lack of knowledge
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Every data from multiplexes is available since its all digital even single screens data is mostly available so collections are almost 100% correct so dont fool the audiences u are fooling yourself by saying this
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