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Opening WeekendMonday
Shehzada20 Cr2.15 Cr
Deacon St John (+50)Charlie runkle™ (+50)
AMATW325.5 Cr2.25 Cr
Charlie runkle™(+50)Charlie runkle™ & charlie (+25 each)


Devendra41 Cr6 Cr--
charlie26 Cr3 Cr40 Cr4 Cr
Iamlostsoul19.5 Cr3 Cr36 Cr5.5 Cr
Deacon St John20 Cr3 Cr40 Cr5 Cr
Charlie runkle™19 Cr2.5 Cr29 Cr4 Cr

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It is very likely Disney may not report Ant Man numbers as they haven't been consistent recently. BOI be better.

Shehzada will likely be pumped.
@zin My name appeared thrice.. I want 200 point bonus
You're lucky I'm not banning you for looking into the future
weekend prediction of shehzada is also correct , it will be updated
I'll be using the first report for winners. It doesn't make sense waiting for BOI to make corrections or revisions.

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Ow- 19cr



Ow- 29cr

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Is this becoming a serious forum now and we have to keep it serious or I have the liberty to say that Shehzada will do better than Pathaan
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It's important to maintain some level of seriousness when staying on topic, but it's also important to be able to express yourself freely, without crossing the line into abusive language.

Having said that, Shehzada will easily beat Morbious collections.
Lol... It’s too funny
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Opening weekend: 41 crores
First Monday: 6 crores

I don't want to think about AntMan now that I will watch it on OTT.

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Woof! I was expecting more to the tune of <25 Cr OW. Maybe even a few Sub 20s lol
I am betting on the growing popularity of this new kid Kartik Aryan. He seemingly has a fanbase on youths and specially girls. Girl power is unknown till date, let's see. The girls might take their boys with them and make it a hit.

10 crores plus on day 1 and good word of mouth can take the movie to the level I thought of.

Besides, the original was a great time-pass too.
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Weird. Why MON and not OD. Anyways...

Weekend - ₹26cr
Monday - ₹3cr

Ant-Man 3
Weekend - ₹40cr
Monday - ₹4cr

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Shehzada- 20cr, 3cr

Ant man- 40cr, 5cr
by Level 9 (2.1k points) 1 5 30
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Shehzadi : OW :- 19.5cr  Monday:- 3cr

AntMan :-  OW :- 36cr     Monday:- 5.5cr
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