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How many of you had realized this the first time you had watched the film?

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in Opinion by All Time best! (301k points)
I dnt get it,what's there in the pic
I also don't get it
what is in that pic
Are Tabu's special appearance!

5 Answers

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Haha, I just watched the film again and found the scene in which SRK is practicing to impress Sush... I didn't even notice Tabu before as it was just there for 2-3 Seconds...

by Assistant Director (56.0k points)
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I am...its an awesome. I watched it many times but never got bored.

by Producer (115k points)
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I had noticed it before..not at the 1st time though..!!

by Super-star (176k points)
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WTF..!!! i didn't noticed it
great share

and is it a coincidence or she was approched by makers for it

by All Time best! (268k points)
By coincidence, do you mean to say she just appeared out of thin air on the set without director knowing it? Hehe?
haha it was co-incidence. she was going to college nd datz the same collge where the shootings were happening so she just went there to see is dat really srk or not!
Which film's shooting is this ?
Main Hoon Na. Not shooting, it's one of the scenes from the movie.
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OMG Wat is this?

from where did TABU comes into the scene?

ok seriously, IMO director of the film farah khan wanted to add a bit humour by placing tabu at place of shus,when srk is going to impress her but very few noticed her......

or something else???

by Super-star (194k points)
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Na na it was just a short cameo appearance, it was uncredited too.


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