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As per Himesh Mankad, Author of Pinkvilla stated in an article Sunny Deol had 9 Bumper Openers before Gadar 2 becoming 10th in the list.

The 9 Bumper openers of Sunny Deol includes:

Betaab (Record Opener)



Insaniyaat (Record Opener)



Gadar (Would have been a record opener had it not clashed with Lagaan)

Indian (Record Opener)

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this article has not much credibility boi in an article has said that sunny has more than 10 bumper openers and it will be mentioned sooner probably how many he has dont get frustrated only superstar with highest bumper openers can be superstar of the decade which is the criteria of stardom
LMAO, see who is judging about credibility.....!

Ok then post those information, articles with proper source instead of random write up or copy, paste thing.

Then, we can have healthy and proper discussion which leads to more engaging & goodness to IBO  forum.

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Hero was in 2003, so in 20 years he gave nothing (what a megastar). It confirms that Gadar 2 success is for nostalgia and has nothing to do with Sunny stardom !
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I can understand your frustration Gadar was the last mega blockbuster of bollywood and success of Gadar 2 proves it srk is a media made star whose records are even lesser than salman and he was saved by YRF and Sunny remained the top megastar of bollywood for 15 years which is not achieved by many stars even an idiot will not say that Gadar 2 is not a blockbuster beacuse of Sunny He achieved this at the age of 66 without support of biggest production house and John destroyed srk in the film and was much better
Sunny has more excellent and bumper opners than media made star and gave record opening in clash with him proves the stardom of so called superstar even govinda and hrithik gave record opening in clash with him proving his fake stardom he was a superstar but not that big he is nowhere close to megastars Dharmendra and Amitabh Bachchan
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It was said that Sunny Deol has more than 10 bumper openers it is not mentioned that Sunny has exactly 10 bumper openers in an article by BOI Confirmed bumper openers of Sunny Deol are




Narsimha Record Opener



Kshatriya Record Opener

Insaniyat Record Opener


Border Record Opener


Indian Record Opener

The Hero

Gadar 2

There are very high chances of Sunny Deol having 10 bumper openers in his best decade and Sunny was bigger star than salman shahrukh in 90-99 it is confirmed by boi in an article
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The sadest thing is that you are not even a fan of Sunny. I remember you guessing 5 Cr opener for Gadar 2 so where was your conviction about Sunny stardom at that time ?! You go with the wind.
You were betting big on Aidpurush and Prabhas but it failed miserably so you are stick to Sunny now before switching to Salaar...

At least we have our preferences and we enjoy when a bollywood film is doing great. I am happy with Gadar 2 numbers (just not ok with people calling it success for Sunny stardom) And I m happy for OMG 2 even if i don't like Akshay lately.
We are here to celebrate Bollywood and indian films not to start a fan war after each new release, i m not 20 and i have life outside internet.

This will be my last reply for any of your comments !

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