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Because 1 Week Ago In Mumbai BJP/Shiv Sena Members Burned SRK Posters and Yesterday In Delhi RSS Members Burned SRK Posters Over That Tweet Which Was Fake


Tagline In Mumbai : SHAH RUKH KHAN Hindustan Chodo 

Tagline In Delhi : Modi Virodi SHAH RUKH KHAN Hindustan Chodo

Modi Virodi SHAH RUKH KHAN Ki Filmo Ka Bahiskar Karo

So SRK Fans This Thing Is Slowly Gaining Momentum and Will Spread In Every City and Proteste Will Start. So Dont Expet Any Reords This Diwali as Till Then This News Will Be Spread and Proteste Will Be In Every City By BJP/RSS Members

in Opinion by Producer (114k points)
Mehfil lut li dost aaj tum ne (rofl) (party) (beer) "Acche Din Aa Gye" Pehle Kejriwal and now this :D
btw tension mat le kuch nahi hoga
hny release bhut door hai tab tak yeh log thanda ho jayega chila chila kar.
marne do saalo ko
har har modi.
in kutto ko jitna bhokna hai bhokne do
srk ka yeh baal tak nahi ukhaar sakte.
inn logo ko to road me nanga karke picchwade me rowdy rathore style me kick lagana chaiye.
Lol....kuch nahin hoga.......don't worry.wo photoshop wala pic Foolish Actor page ne banaya tha........sabko(80% logon ko) pata hai ye fake hai....BJB officially declare kar diya tha ki ye fake hai...aur jo ye sab kar rahe hai,ye sab haters hai....MNIK ke time jo hua tha,ye 10% bhi nahin hai Uska.,.aur HNY to bahut dur hai........don't worry kuch nahin hoga.....its for 1 month more only,after that everyone will forget that when those 20% peoples will come to know the truth...

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Mentality of Shiv Sena and RSS People:

When Shahrukh Says: Desh ki ladai me cricket ko ny lana chahiye Hume Ipl me pakistani players ko bhi khilana chahiye Desh ki aapas ki ladai me cricketers ka kya kasur.

Then they burnt srk's poster by saying that he supports pakistan and we hate pakistan

When Narendra Modi Invites Pakistan PM TO India: We should love each other as a neighbour.Hum padosi h aur humme pyar hona chahiye jiski surwat humne hai..

Then RSS And Shiv Sena Reaction: Yes,we should shake hands with pakistan.Dono deso me dosti honi chahiye.Modi ji is Right..

The same thing srk says that we should love each other.India and Pakistan should be Friends.Then Rss and Shiv Sena Criticize him.
And Now when Narendra Modi is saying those same words then they are Saying Narendra Modi is right.Namo Namo..

This shows that they don't love India as much they Hate Srk..

But Honest people are Always with Srk...
Modi ji is a Nice and Honest Man but His Followers are Real Culprit and they are Responsible for all the Fake Negativity around Srk.. (Collected)

by Production Accountant (23.2k points)
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Yaar! Yeh kuch log hi hain! Jo media ki through mileage lete hain yeh sab kar ke!
Hindus kar brain wash kar ke political support lete hain! Yeh political parties hain bas! Baki 99.9% log like you Muslim, I Hindu. Hume kuch lena hi nahi inse!
And sirf Bjp se relate na karo inko! Yeh individuals hi hote hain!
Mere sare relatives politics mein hain! I know all!
And kuch nahi film fir bhis chale! All time opener hogi! Normal people don't really care!

by Executive Producer (67.5k points)
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I think this pics are fake as these posters had something else but they put Srk in it.even if its true then its not big it was clarified by media that srk didnt said modi is in power so nothing will happen during Hny..this kind of stuff only opposition parties.modi wont let this happen..if anything like this happen then bjp will be badly agli baar modi sarkaar lani he to ye sab chindi giri chorni padgi.....

by Super-star (161k points)
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Dimag kharab... !!.. 100 galiya dimag pe aa raha hai... Control kar raha hu.

by Editor (84.9k points)
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Don't worry.. Nothing will happen.. Still 5 Months to go for HNY.. They are third class Modi fans and Tin gu, Cho tu, G-a-ymir aka 8 Hits Actor fans.. G-a-ymir aka Complain boy fans can't do anything.. They are brainless and senseless just like their Idol Dog G-a-ymir..

by Assistant Director (44.7k points)
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ha ha ha matlab kuch bhi thoda dimag laga liya karo photoshop image dene se pahle

by Production Designer (15.0k points)
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acche din aane wale hai.maine pehle hi kaha tha congress is much better than bjp.
bjp and rss are goondas party.
have you forgotten how rss goons thrashed and beat young girls in valentines day.
shame on indians who have elected a chaiwala as pm.
jab desh ka pm ek chai bechenwala foothpathi ho to is desh ka nagrik kesa hoga.
bjp are so fools they just can't know that it was fake tweet.
how such dumb people can run the country.
shame on indians who have made a mass murderer modi accused of killing 10,000 lives as prime minister of india.

by Unit Manager (37.8k points)
sorry but i won't reveal it to anybody.
0 hindu hai rizwan
Are you crazy Shame on you who gives wrong figures to relieve your frustration.Mass murderer is osama.
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Mood kharap kar diya bhai...but why these people r so fed up on srk? When srk went against modi?? I think whole industry should forward to support srk. He is king of indian cinema. Proud of indian. For him i love india.

by Producer (115k points)
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Don't worry as this controversy is no way near to mnik controversy and most no of people knew that it was a fake tweet done by krk and biggest thing is bjp varanasi wing have clarified that this is not srk's tweet but it was done by krk and all of these people are small time crooks who wants little publicity by using the name of srk and doing these kind of things and a normal person know the truth and nothing wrong will happen with HNY

by All Time best! (269k points)
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Itr photoshopped.And During MNIK actually it was SRK's paid people themselves who did all those and used name of Shiv sena which later spread to shiv sena itself to create controversy and sympathy for his film,which would help his film take good opening.

by All Time best! (295k points) 1 flag
u r absolutely wrong bro about MNIK, tujhe kuch ptaa nahi hota to bola mat kar . i am from mumbai, and i know what shiv sena did at that time. kitna opposition huaa tha, kitni dhamkiyaaa di gayi thi, public film dekhne jaane se dar rahi thi dhamkiyo ki wajah se. kitne theatres ne to film release hi nhi kiya tha kuch din tak aurr jis ne kiyaa tha wo bhi kam shows the. har jagah police khadi thi theatres k aas pass, local news paper me aaya tha k daro mat police pahra hai but people are afraid to go to theatres.
Good marketing ploy by SRK,Shiv sena natak,getting stopped at airport.
u mean every related to srk is
abe tu jitna time srk ki negativity spread karne me detaa hai utna amir ki positivity me me karega to aamir ko do ek aadh achche fan aur mil jayege.
SRK is more cunning than u can imagine.
u can imagine but i cant.. tu nafrat karna band karega to khush rahnaa bhi seekh lega.
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dont worry Hny is sureshot ATBB..Nd will become highest grosser ever...Srk knows how to handle them cuz when its come to business then he is best in d world...Even some big bjp leaders from mumbai are his friends...

by Assistant Director (46.5k points)
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shiv sena couldn`t stop mnik to collect 200 cr worldwide.srk alone is enough to slap these street beggars.

by Production Designer (14.8k points)
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Well get rid of this fear Pysche.It hinders development.

by All Time best! (326k points)
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Hum Kis Liye Hain?? Will F**K Shivsena & RSS People.. (punch)

by Mega Star (230k points)

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