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Its January 2024 and time to declare the song of the year 2023 . Its the immensely popular chaleya . Unlike last year where i declared an Excellent song [ pasoori(punjabi)] song of the year , this year its just a " very good song" [ Chaleya(Urdu)] which is the best of the year .

With falling music standards where most of the songs are multilingual, this was a rare quality product from 2023 bollywood . Even till 10 year ago we could find 5-6 songs every year which were " very good to excellent" . This song is free flowing ( even though its slow ) with lyrics looking unforced and nonchalant .

The feel good video with good aesthetics also contributed to the success of this song . But in some portions i would want to have a more worn down look for the outdoor surroundings .There is also hint of capitalism  in the last part of the video where an oil field could be seen while the leads were dancing on the greenest possible grass around newly laid tiles on a low tide day near the ocean .

Every thing looks new and untouched like it was inaugurated on the day of shooting . Im afraid that after few years people will make fun of Srk and call him clownish for dancing on a freshly painted blue and white big zebra crossing wearing a colour full dress and a loosely fitted jean with too many pockets .
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