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Here is my second post from the IMDB top 250 review series. I have already reviewed Before Sunset, which you can read here. The second film I'm gonna review is an Italian film named La Dolce Vita. It was released in 1960.

Note: I watched the film today but wasn't able to complete it in one go. I watched the film in 4 Parts. I got a hard coded Subtitled version of the film.

La Dolce Vita means the 'sweet life' or 'the good life'.

MV5 BMTkx Mj Q4 Nz U5 N15 BMl5 Ban Bn Xk Ft ZTgw MTkw ODkz MTEStory: It's about a reporter (Marcello Mastroianni) of an Italian tabloid, who spends his days and nights socializing in the high society of Rome and writing about what everyone comes to know as "the sweet life".

Throughout the film, we follow him as he encounters a wide variety of different kinds of people, and has he traverses through their lives and their life styles. We see him befriending a famous American actress (Anita Ekberg), an insanely wealthy socialite (Anouk Aimée) who's also his lover, we see his dysfunctional relationship with an overprotective and suicidal girlfriend (Yvonne Furneaux), his adoration for his cultivated and very wise mentor (Alain Cuny), his disinterested and estranged father (Annibale Ninchi) and a colourful cast of other characters who perfectly exemplify precisely that- the "sweet life" of the rich people we've all come to alternately adore and hate.

My review

Quiet frankly I haven't even heard of this film till date and i'm not a fan of Italian films as I haven't seen one yet but after watching this one I *may* go for another one.

This film is lengthy but one can easily watch it in parts as the film is divided into different episodes, just like a book. The film is pacy enough but the time-gap[duh!] will force you to take a break in between.

The very fact that I sat through the entire 3 hours[4-5 Mins break in between] while enjoying myself and never a second feeling bored, probably speaks very much in favor of the film. And mind that I don't have any hesitations about switching the DVD off halfway through if I think the story is going nowhere, or if it actually threatens to put me to sleep. But nothing like that happened in this case. As a "novice" to this genre, I certainly wont be able to claim that I understand the whole meaning and the message Fellini wanted to covey to his viewers. So it will not be easy for me to give you a more detailed insight to the technical aspect of the film.

The most Iconic scene from the film featuring Anita Ekberk.Probably the two most effective scenes are Sylvia's arrival, and then the Madonna. Both depict people crowding around to see what they perceive to be "cool" things. First a movie star, then a presumed miracle that turns out to be a bust. But they both catch people's attention, serving as an example of the empty world that Marcello inhabits. To crown everything, the end has the same occurrence as the beginning; Marcello's isolation is accentuated by his inability to hear people, and acceptance thereof.

The film is winsome because of the stylish cinematography, which fills the screen with mind-blowing visuals, its epic, enveloping us in the moment, missing nothing and admitting into our view everything that goes on, at times in perspective, at times introspective. The costumes, settings, etc...well, they're amazing. The background score is also fantastic and its worth mentioning considering its a 50 year old film.

Verdict: Too bad, its not in color!

Review: 77/100

Check below the most famous scene from the film[Anita Ekbark]:

Next in SeriesJurassic Park (1993), which I have already seen many times so it wont be difficult to write one. 

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@Zin tum hamesha excitement badhate ho.I would try to watch it.
There is an issue with my FB, I never get notified of new messages, I always have to check each and every boxes to know whether i have received message or not. It works sometimes.
wow , 1k + views in 45 mins..!!
Wtlolism! O.o Bhai aisi kya SEO baitha di ? Can't believe, itne sare bande ab bhi interested hain iss movie.

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Great Bro...!!! Thanks for the video.Waiting for Jurassic Park.

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You will have to review it also under my review...
hahaha main to abhi se bhikhari ban gaya hun ....ok dekhta hu kuch hota hai kya kam k wajah se dhang se tv bhi ni dekh pata lol
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I did know about the film until yesterday when I was answering zikr's question..!!
Anyways, nice review.

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Wow...Nice informative post...Have to watch it

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Watch it..
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Italian film plus in black and white,life me nahi dekhunga.I just hate watching film with subtitles,that's why i stopped watching south films with subtitles few years back.Anyway,the post got 1000 plus views in half an hour. Now download some more u havent watched from 250 and review them.

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I will! Hehe, it will test your patience for sure...

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