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If paaji fans are uneducated and non tech savy .  How are multiplexes  going full then ? Why are my uneducated friends not talking about Gadar 2 ? Where is Baazigar tau ?
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Sunny Deol fans are mostly not on social media where Ranveer Singh is megastar
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His fans not on social media ? I have not seen a paaji fan "in person" in my entire life . People made fun of me when they got to know that I WENT TO A THEATRE AND WATCHED bhaiyyaji superhit .
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Sunny Paaji's next movie wont even have 5cr opening... This worked only due to the name Gadar
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If we claim to be a civilized and educated society aiming for increase in wisdom ....then......stuff like G2 shouldn't be getting this response..it's like enhanced t!ts &  a$$ and no class  . Bimbo .   rakhisawantesque . People will say who am I to criticize the liking of the society ? What sells or gets views is always great ? If 2 dogs r fcuking on the street , people will gather around to see it here ...but  that's normal in our society but the thing which  will truly amaze me is when people  pay and watch two dogs fcuk on a stage and that is G2.
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He had fans in the 90's not anymore. Since Gadar it took him to release Gadar 2 to exist so it's all about the franchise.

And going by this madness, i guess Border 2 will be huge success too !!
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