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Don't have anything to say about Emraan Hashmi from my side since I didn't followed him & his movies much.

Till now I didn't watched any of his movie just heard & seen some songs that's it.

Congratulations & All the best to his future film career.
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Then he started giving disaster after disaster.
Oh Good to know seems you are a hardcore fan of him.

Just wanted to ask, I heard there is a separate film industry for Hyderabadi language is it true ?
I'm a  fan , but sane fan btw ;)
Yes there is a seperate industry for deccani Urdu language.
The first film came in 2006 " The angrez" which was a huge huge hit . It was released in 5-6 single screens but at one point playing in 15-20 theatres in Hyderabad even after 3-4 months . Hyderabadi  speaking areas of East Maharashtra and Karnataka also took a liking for these films .Next few films were successful , even though they were of low quality. And then downfall began ..
Nowadays we could se only 1-2 releases . All the actors ( who were mostly standup comedians and voice artists) joined tollywood, we could see them in minor  comedy roles .
Fact - 100% of Deccan films were slapstic comedies . The initial filmswhich did well worked only due to dioalgue and witty conversations and were absolutely of low quality.
My favourite moment from all deccani films
Didn't know about it either. I ll try to find "The Angrez" just to have a glimpse of this industry.

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