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Real Champ banned for 3 days for abusing users and not paying heed to warning..!!

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in General by Super-star (176k points)
+1,burnout paradise bhi usi category ke hai.
I can guarantee that if there is no,champ,mac,forum will be good like it was sometime back when they barring mac were banned for a long time(mac was inactive)
burnout phir bhi...thik thak hai... Real Champ , aur mac ke bina forum mein shanti hi shanti hoga.
Anand,navo,nolan ke bina forum mein shanti hi shanti hoga.bhaag jao tum sab...

5 Answers

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Yeh champ kuch din pehle sallu fans ka support paane ke liye bol raha tha he is also a salman fan,nw he is after salman also.

by All Time best! (295k points)
selected by
90 % SRKians == Chameleons..!!
wat abt u anand? u r the biggest chameleon
Have u seen the spoof Superhero movie?I find it damn funny.
Kab bola be main Salman fan hoon?4-5 baar kya support kar diya Salman fan ban gaya?lol...BTW,haan Aamir ko support karne se 1000 times better hai Salman ko Support karne Salman is 10000 times better than Aamir.but i hate his(salman's) chu fans.....aur wo idiot SRK ko gaali dega aur insult karega,main kuch nahin bolunga kya Salman ko???
@anand,check pm.
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U guys always have a tendency to ban srk fans bscause u get scared due to presence of so many srk fans. haha. chalo koi baat nehi and ehats wrong if he called puneet dhokla, shukla dhokla rhyme words .....

edited by anonymous
This is last warning..for you...dare to call him dhokla one more time ..!!
SRK fans get banned because they create nuisance...
I banned Puneet and Ammy..are they SRK fans..??
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Very bad.....u ban him for calling dhokla, i saw many times he has been called fake champ. What about that??? We dont complain like kids and girls. And without mac, champ peace in forum???, forum look like lazy without these users!! Fans forum hai so fans fight clhalta rahega. Its too normal, scared of someone means looser!

by Producer (115k points)
+1 vote

looser anand...

waah...what a chamelon u are...then why dont u ban nolan for calling Srk as Bakra...also navo nd puneet for calling real champ as fake champ...agar rule follow hi karna hai to sab ke sath kar...nd one more thing when did rc starts fight??have u seen any abusive or provocative post made by him?he is just replying to haters in there language...but u...shame on ban me also as i dont want to spare my time btw people likes u....Ban me ye meri tumse GUZAARISH HAI..

by Assistant Director (46.5k points)
U will be banned soon
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You banned him for saying "i don't care" ....?????

by All Time best! (268k points)
Wo baat to mai bhi jaanta hun but abhi maine uska recent activity dekha tha and after he got warning uska jyada activity nahi hai isliye puch raha hun
he said jo bhi srk ko insult karega and you took it on yourself matlab tumhara kya srk ko insult karne ka koi idea tha...???
Din Bhar vo Aamir ki insult krta hai toh hm kehte hain ki tmhara rape kr denge..he shud be banned forever..don't support hm..u are the most biased moderator
I'm not supposting rc and i'm not asking anyone to unban him ok i just had 1 doubt due to his low activity after warning and i was just asking about it and i don't ask anyone to unban him


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