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Gadar 2 - The Katha Continues to set the box office on fire on Monday with unprecedented collections in many sectors. It remains to be seen where the number ends but it is sure to go over 30 crore nett which is an insane hold from Friday for a film which opened so big. The admits in multiplexes are pretty much the same or more than Friday while single screens which generally have same rates are showing full houses again. In fact places which may not have been full on Friday morning were full on Monday morning.

The collections are likely to be the highest non holiday Monday of all time though as its between a Sunday and a national holiday the film will be benefiting a little. Officially though its not a holiday. The box office has simply been smashed and there is actually nothing much more to say. The public had huge expectations from the film and it has met their expectations or maybe even surpassed then, that time will tell.

Sunny Deol who was the biggest star of the nineties has shown that the fan following still exists even though it may well be a different generation. Sadly the products have not been there over the last two decades where this stardom comes to the fore but with this film he has done what no star in the history of Hindi cinema has done and given such a blockbuster as main lead.


The industry is pretty much shell shocked with the response to the film and it is been called a film for the B and C centres as the film is not finding a much of a liking within but the FACT is the film is bigger than and of those metros films in the metros as well. Probably has done the business of those films in just 3-4 days. The film is a wake up call to the industry just like Gadar Ek Prem Katha was in 2001 but as it looked the other way at that time it is at at a low today in terms of talent behind the camera be it writers or directors. At this present juncture it cannot afford to look the other way.


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And with OMG 2 doing well it's good news for Bollywood. 
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