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Akshay Kumar has spoil the party for Sunny Deol and Anil Sharma
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First of all as an Indian from Karnataka, I am very much Happy for Bollywood (Hindi Film Industry), Deol Family, & OhMyGadar 2 team

An Oppurtunist who predicted ₹5cr opening for Gadar 2 & expected to lose clash with OMG 2 with negligible knowledge is taking winning side just to create meh says everything.

If you want to give elevations to one thing you can do it without comparing to another thing.

Why bring always Pathaan ? which not only proved but exceeded all expectations and gave New breath of Life, strength & confidence to Bollywood when Hindi Film Industry was at all time low with all possible Negativity, protests etc & so on.

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Laughble ! Pathaan week-end was a fake one, with two working days (wednesday and friday), it's not a real week-end... 

Compare the extended week-end with 5 days (with one holiday and a week-end each) and we will see if it come close (even with OMG 2 numbers combined).
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