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What ever business and records Pathaan has set it will stay for longer period of time ........... its not going to be broken by Jawan, Dunki , Tiger 3 or AdiPurash any time soon ...
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I would love to see these records broken twice this year. 

India opening day may be tricky, unless Jawan has music working big or Tiger move to Post Diwali day. Single day and full run in India can be done.

Overseas probably a bit tough, but not impossible.
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Pathaan broke the floodgates for post-covid audience. NGL, stars look aligned for Tiger 3; The Franchise factor, Salman Khan, Pathaan Fueled SRK Cameo - I personally wouldn't bet against it.
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Overseas records difficult to break this decade. Domestic is no big deal. 
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SRK k records ab SRK he toray ga. Hoping that Jawan does better than Pathaan and Dunki even better although I find Rajkumar Hirani an overrated director and happy that it wasn't for any known director that SRK got his due otherwise people would have said Hirani ki wjah sy. Anand Rai ki wjah sy. Now hoping that SRK will rule like he actually should.
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Dunki and tiger 3 can. Talking about domestic only. Overseas is a tough task though. 
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