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the film is doing well only in few cities and it is projected as huge hit by pr and youtubers
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It is called buisness and negociation. He is there to defend his film. 

And good for the multiplexes they refused, so to give a chance for the new movies.
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Gayjo still thinks he can dictate terms
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Who  projected ? Try to mention website or Twitter Handles

I think RRKPK is a Successful film in India (Average or Semi Hit verdict) & aiming Blockbuster Verdict in Overseas.
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Who will care these youtubers & moreover I didn't clicked neither watched the above video.
These & all hardly matters, the one's which matters most related to Boxoffice & verdict are :-

1. BoxofficeIndia Trade

2. To extent Bolly Hungama, Taran Adarsh & Pinkvilla.

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