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Afterall yeh apne bhaijaan ka jalwa hai!!!.............

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hehehe great, imagine salman khans DABANG BOMB ,its power,its intensity ....

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I think if we observe clearly then more than half of them should be printed with salman and kareena pics as both are mass favorite...............

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Well celebrities pics printed on firecrackers definitely would attract the customers. I still remember the ones that had Sridevi's pic printed. Miss those times, it's been more than 5 years since I played/celebrated diwali with the firecrackers but well it was a wise decision after all.

enter image description here

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And, why haven't you celebrated diwali with fire crackers?


We just do the puja & stop it at that. We don't burn the firecrackers that's all. Usually if relatives come home & there are kids around then I might get myself involved & more because to make sure of the children's safety. Gone are the days when I used to celebrate diwali for a week burning crackers. It was limited to India's victory in cricket matches. The last time I burnt a firecracker was when India won the world cup & before that was when Sachin made 200.


So, you don't feel like celebratin diwali with fire crackers, just!
And i thought it has to do somethin related with angerness.. Environment friendly nature somethin.. ;D
And i too doesn't have celebrated diwali with crackers since many years, I just don't get the fack clear. Why people blast crackers?

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