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It's going to be Box Office carnival this week in India. Exhibitors ready to rake in big money in the Independence Day Weekend!

- Gadar2 (SunnyDeol)

- OMG2 (AkshayKumar)

- Jailer (Rajinikanth)

- Bholaa Shankar (Chiranjeevi).
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I find it hard to believe that even in 2023, people are excited for crap like Gadar 2. But then again, success of Pathaan, KGF and other sadakchap movies shows the IQ of Indian movie goers.
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If people don't like Wes Anderson or Nolan films doesn't mean that they are dumb ! Give them a break.
For the majority, going to movies is an entertainment, they want to have all sort of emotions they don't want to spend 2H figuring what was the film plot.
Even Nolan films have good patronage in India compared to West.

Note :- The above is w.r.t Tickets sold.
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Gadar 2 but i ll wait a couple of days before going. OMG 2 will be watched on OTT (unless it got a 5*).
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Gadar 2 is the choice for most and I will watch the film very few expectations from omg
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Are you not from South state ?

I thought you will be more excited for Telugu or Tamil film bcz of Boxoffice.
I am fan of only Rajnikanth

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