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The best of the parodies. Have a look.

+8 votes
1. Jai Ho Parody

2. Veer Parody

3. Kochadaiiyaan Parody

4. Krrish 3 Parody.

5. Dhoom Parody

6. Chennai Express Parody

7. The Expose Parody

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DisgRace2 aka Race 2 - Bina script ki film

1 Answer

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Best answer

CHAIN-NAHI EXPRESS aka Chennai Express lol

BTW @Suhas U r a true Salman Khan fan who can still post a parody video of one of his movies unlike srkians

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Well there's nothing Salmanian about it. It's just a form of entertainment & got to appreciate the humor.
I know yaar but srkians r so obsessed with their star that they would never post such things here (That's my point). I can still name some films of my fav stars which weren't good but they would never admit it but would rather disgrace my stars!!
The Chain-Nahi Express parody you shared, I was getting little bored with that Wankhede jokes & stuff but from 2mins 15secs that video started becoming super hilarious. The best part starts from there. Thanks for sharing it.

Well, parodies are to be taken lightly. Why miss out on that humor?
Halwai, YRF adopted son, Raj thing lol @Suhas Tnx buddy upvote from me


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