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Adipurush is a disaster at the box office as the incurred heavy losses to the buyers. Even Producer has incurred minor losses as they have released North India & Overseas on their own and both have hugely underperformed.

People Media Factory has bought South India rights for 175 Cr (including GST) and recovery is approx 100 Cr. There is a loss of 75 Cr from South India markets for both the Main Buyer & Individual buyers combined. 

All These losses will now be transferred to be compensated for the next Prabhas films Spirit, Film with Maruthi which has been the case since Saaho.

Overall losses for the film are at 85 Cr with total theatricals valued at 270 Cr and the film collecting 185 Cr share. The worldwide gross of the film is 360 Cr. It’s the 4th highest-grossing film for Prabhas behind Baahubali 2, Baahubali & Saaho.

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such a worst film collected similar to brahamsatra and drishyam 2 reason everyone knows
Reason was  Prabhas Stardom & Ramayana factor with good album, music.

Brahmastra was also Below Average movie and got poor reviews even Taran Adarsh gave just 1.5/5 like AdiPurush it seems.

Brahmastra Trade No.s = ₹431 Crore

AdiPurush Trade No.s = ₹360 Crore

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If this kind of film comes again their life will be in danger these bollywood filmmakers are worst enemies of Indian culture they only have degraded a particular religion if they make such film on any other religion they know the consequences this time audiences have silently given them  message with making the film disaster next time probably they will forget acting and direction
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Oh.. Come on if Movie is success full credit to Prabhas since it's failure don't want credit to Prabhas.

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