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What made Akshay Kumar pick DTPH ??

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Y Yash Chopra Y?? Being a Punjabi himelf, First he betrayed Sunny bhaji and then Akshay.. Y favor only your fav?? Others r also imp!!
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Was it YR banner or working with Yash Chopra?? Pls explain!!

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A Chance To Work With Yash Chopra and Big Production House,,,... Though I Feel That Movie Wise Its Average But Due To Songs Its Still Popular Among People. Specially Among My Family Who Watches This Film Just For Songs... Rest Movie They Say Its Average

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Though Akki had worked with YR banner in the past (Yeh Dillagi), i think u r right, he wanted to work with Yash Chopra. My point was he should give everyone equal screen presence nothing else or else some actors may feel betrayed later!! Rem the Shashi-Amitabh thing.
Yaar Kabir is there somethin' like extended guest appearance, playin' a character role or somethin'. DTPH was all 'bout Rahul and Maya. Ab akki ko equal space dena itna jaruri kyun?
And dtph aaj avg lagti ho but in those times it was big thing. It was very modern, very life changin'. Hence was loved that much!
@MasterCharmer Seems like u didn't get my point.. Woh role saif bhi display kar sakta tha nothing special in that role then Y Akshay?? Pls read the description, Tnx!!
Bhai, why? Ka koi answer nahi hota. Yash chopra wanted Akshay to play that role and Akshay played that role simple. Did akki perform poor? Nope! Means yash chopra's castin' justified.
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Well Akshay did that role only to remain in the good books of YRF and Yash Chopra.His role was very clear from the start,that he had to do an extended special appearance,its not like Akki didnt knw anything.

by All Time best! (295k points)
Ok saif,well akki did it to remain in yrf's good books,saif ko nahi karna tha koi kya kar sakta hai
Saif ko nahi karna tha uski marzi.Kaunsi badi baat hai.Saif rejected ddlj main role :p
Maybe he wasn't happy coz 'Parampara' flop so badly.. worst movie by YC imo!!
@Navo Remain in the good books of YRF and what they offered him.. The gr8 masterpiece made in the history of Indian cinema 'TASHAN' lol
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To work with Yash Chopra is a Great Honour & Akki grabbed that Oppurtunity.

by Casting Director (17.6k points)


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