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Why waste the natural resources of the country? Why waste Kiara Advani's time ? She is going though the peak of her physical beauty. It's criminal to waste her time . Most of the screen time was spent on Sulking and making sad faces

I give one star . Looks like they shot some portion of the film on mobile phone camera .

And also ther was no skin show.and that  actor is a bitch.
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It was today
so no COI friendly material in the movie? i have not seen the movie and will not. thanks for the warning.
Never expected anything from the film but I expected Kiara advani to look radiant , beautiful  and glamorous but instead  I got to see her brooding .She doesn't have that body type to make a mark on COI charts . But she has a very pretty face and that's the only plus she has . But sad girls aren't that good to look at and I'm also disappointed with her lack of improvement in the acting department .It's almost a decade and not a single good performance. Even a non actor like Katrina gave a noteworthy  performance within few years from her debut in Namaste London . Kiara  needs a Mahesh Bhatt film.

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Thanks for the review, I wanted to give it a try..! But not now.

Now a days Each  every Bollywood critics and Film analysts giving over hype for even Average &  Headache Movies especially Kolkata & to extent Mumbai batch.
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Don't talk about the film . That guy was looking like a spoof of some character from some another universe. Very improbable things happen throughout. The characters doesn't behave as they should in many scenes . It tries to be a very poor man's DULHE RAJA (amazing film) . But here the hero is absolutely a chimp a total loser and who is proud of it . No redeeming qualities . When he smiles he is a phenomenal creep  .....
Genuine Doubt..! Does Karthik really smile  or he will act and smile becomes laugh   with his front teeths.

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