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BOI Early Estimate for AdiPurush movie Opening Day was ₹140 to ₹150CR but Actuals came in the range of ₹106 to ₹110CR Gross.
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And by a huge margin, the only site that gave the accurate numbers was Pinkvilla. All the others including BOI were giving figures inflating (by 30% for the worldwide).

One thing i didn't understand from BOI war the 1st day worlwide, they first reported 110 Cr gross for india and 140to 150 Cr worldwide like the film did 30 to 40 Cr (4 to 5 million $) on one day in overseas (laughbale).  
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If you are following BOI Trade from years you can notice they actually Over estimate some Production Studios and Superstars movies to increase their website traffic but it was limited to just ₹3 to ₹5CR range

But for T- Series  'AdiPurush' BOI over estimated nearly ₹40 to ₹45CR range nevertheless BOI will finally update 99.99% authentic collections in their database smartly when traffic is slow.
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It is normal but correct collections are given eventually
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No, not always. Some BO sites and lot of fans stick with the first numbers whatever happen after...

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