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OMG 2 is supposedly based on a controversial topic which can land the film in trouble there is no teaser update for the film which was rumored to be released on ott but now releasing in theatre
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this film clashing with other two films when akshay career is in decline can finish his career as none of his last films opened well at the boxoffice and most were disasters

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OMG 2 was never going to open big, they count on a sleeper Hit like for OMG (the first one). But clashing with 2 biggies and if one of the them or the 2 click to the audience, then OMG 2 will be gone ! And i hope it ll be the case.

As for Akshay, he has to stop doing crap, that's it. I am glad all his last films flopped badly just to make him understand that cheap bad films are no longer tolerated by the audience.
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