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I have a great respect towards Tollywood, Telugu Film Industry.

This thread is just to counter other thread.

Secret Superstar collected whooping ₹860CR Gross collection Worldwide which is higher than most, na..na.. 99.99% of Tollywood, Telugu films except 2 S.S Rajamouli movies.
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Mithun Chakraborty disco dancer was mega blockbuster in soviet union and footfalls of this film worldwide is only behind Sholay but can you compare it with Sholay
adipurush 2 days collection is way ahead of kkbkkj and opening is more than 5 times so give some good examples of flop films collecting big at the boxoffice

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Being an Urdu speaking Hyderabadi iam much more closer to the culture of North but I have to say that future of Bollywood is very very bleak ,  there is an extreme shortage of heroes in Bollywood . All the heroes of last decade ( Sid Malhotra , ayushman, ranveer singh , Rajkumar rao , Varun Dhawan ) all turned out to be drawing room stars . Older stars are on a decline and no younger stars to take their place. Whereas look at tollywood , so many superstars who r still in their 30s and 40s and can dominate  boxoffice for atleast a decade . And also ticket prices are  cheaper in south (barring Bangalore) and people here are little well off economically in comparison to North . There is also govt support for respective industries in south.  so Tollywood is going to take Bollywood in doggy style this decade .
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You are right about the lack of stars among youngster and it is indeed the greatest problem for Bollywood.
After if Tollywood produce more good films i ll happily watch them. I really enjoyed Bahubaalis and RRR (Pushpa less). But for the moment it's like one or 2 good films a year not more.
Not just actors there is a more vaccum in Bollywood Directors who can't give minimum product & always look upto Remakes.
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The film collected mainly in china where female oriental films becomes blockbuster it was average film and beaten in clash against golmaal again of Rohit Shetty
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