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Saaho was hit in North and was declared average by ABO recovering 80% of its investment while Adipurush will be saved by business from South and will settle at 250 crores so disaster films of Prabhas has collections of 305 crores with 430 crorers worldwide and 250 crores with 370 crores expected worldwide and opening of Saaho was 87 crores with weekend of 187 crores and opening of Adipurush at 76 crores with weekend of 192 crores this is the barometer of stardom no superstar can save a bad film even last film of Prabhas had 43 crore opening with 90 crore weekend which is still a challenge for bollywood but Prabhas should stop doing bollywood films and focus on South films salaar directed by Prashant Neel can be needed blockbuster for pan India Superstar Prabhas it has the potential to beat every bollywood film this year with pushpa 2 coming later which can also create records
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You can try to turn the equation as you want, still the result is the same, after Bahubaali Prabhas only gave losses (and it's been 6 years).

We will see with Salaar but i won't bet a Roupie on it.
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salman hasnt given a hit since last 6 years and lets see who wins tiger 3 or salaar
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Disaster is a disaster irrespective of Boxoffice collections.

Saaho and AdiPurush are made in Hindi and they're dubbed to Telugu. So, Saaho & AdiPurush are more of Bollywood movies with Telugu Star rather than Telugu movies.
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Saaho is a hit in bollywood and was average overall not disaster give proof and it was directed by Sujeeth who is south director
You always come up with South word right there in South India Saaho isComplete Disaster.

AP & TG, KN, TN & Kerala Rights = ₹178CR

Recovered Amount= ₹108CR

Loss = ₹70CR

₹70CR Loss to South Indian Distribution not just Disaster it is more than that

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