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How The Differance Between DDLJ And HAHK/Gadar Is More Then 20cr+ According To BOI . Link Here

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@Mac.. I know for a fact HAHK's verdict will never ever be changed. It's an ATBB & will stay one because of it's business. I am just thinking where will Raja Hindustani & Kuch Kuch Hota Hai stand now. Because there is no chance of one of them being demoted to BB without the other too being demoted. And based on the increased collections of HSSH which was expected, I am expecting the same for few others. I am more interested in what final verdict Judwaa & Pyar Kiya To Darna Kya get & whether Jab Pyaar Kisise Hota Hai go above the previous verdict. Likewise, I am eager to know where Koyla stands, below average or average or flop & does Pardes retain it's Hit verdict or get reduced to Semi-Hit since Pardes was benefitted by the Hit verdict only due to the tax exemption it got otherwise the business of Pardes was strictly average. Lastly, I want to know whether Karan Arjun remains a Blockbuster or does it change & Aankhen stay an ATBB or change into BB.
Pardes to hit hi rahega i think.Karan arjun ka ff 1.71 cr. Tha wo 2 cr+ ho sakta bb hi rahega..ram jaane semi hit ho sakta hai.trimurti below average ya average hona chahiye.DTPH ka verdict dekhna interesting hoga...baadshah average hona chahiye.
@Real Champ.. No no to be honest Trimurti had done terrible business & it was high priced because of the multi-starrer thing. The box office analysts had called it a disaster back then itself. Ram Jaane can never be called an unsuccessful film, it didn't fail at all. DTPH will remain Super Hit. Baadshah will be below average or average, nothing beyond that since the movie was not appreciated. Forgot, I am equally interested about 2 of my favorite films Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman & Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa.
Yes,KHKN Ka average ya semi hit ho sakta is hit according to indicine.,it was average according to old BOI.

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it is the difference b/w gross collections.ddlj 106cr,hahk 126cr and gadar 130cr

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Agar aisa hai to sahi hai..Par mention karna chahiye tha boi ko
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Bigger hit in india-
HAHK>DDLJ>Gaddar(footfall & inflation adjusted gross wise).
DDLJ>HAHK>Gaddar(ROI Wise).
Bigger hit in overseas-

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Only Aamir Khan Knows...!

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Hehehe...only aamir khan! :-D
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Lol...Lol...Nd lol..

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Now you know *** how..!!

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