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stardom of prabhas has saved this film from mega disaster

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It has nothing to do with Prabhas stardom rather the subject of the film. People booked in advance before film's release and that's why the WE has been excellent !
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what about saaho that collected over 250 crore worldwide which is achieved by only one bollywood film if not for prabhas this film would have struggled to cross 150 crores and would have been mega disaster like fan and tubelight
Prabhas is N°1 in Nizam/Andhra no doubt but it stops there, no more.
Now if you want to talk Week-End collection, we have to talk about the mechanism of share in Nizam/Andhra which makes the deal all about the WE and lead to inflate collections like never in other states.

So for all the biggies from the Tollywood, if the Hindi belt is on board, the collections will always be huge. So nothing to do with real stardom.
Even for tollywood biggies there has to be an acceptable hero , can Pawan Kalyan and cherenjeevi with their huge films find acceptability in North ?
Allu Arjun or Yash were nothing in North before Pushpa and KGF and they will have good numbers now with their futur films.
I guess any decent actor with the right film will find a breakthrought in the North and it's ok. The laughable thing for me is to compare them to the real stars in the North.
Before comping up with Saaho film Prabhas was coming with a tag Baahubali series star with 15 cr+ tickets sold Pan India, Saaho was not small movie it's budget was all time high @ ₹390 crore.

Just imagine Star who has seen by 15 crore plus people in India exclusively in theatres don't you think atleast 25% people will throng to theatres atleast to see glimpse of him.

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