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I think in the last decade Nizam/Andhra has overtaken Mumbai circuit in terms of collections/footfalls .
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I don't think so, not for a real Bollywood movie driven by a Bollywood star. 

After, with their films they inflate the numbers too much so i never give them a look.
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I said Indian cinema ,  not just Bollywood .
Yes and that's my point. Apart from the big Telugu films, Nizam/Andhra collections never come close to Mumbai's.
After on the opening day and opening WE basis, Nizam/Andhra collections are far ahead for any big film (i ll give you this).
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In what context ? You asked question Please mention..!

You are comparing 2 States AP/ Nizam with 1 Metropolitan city Mumbai ?
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Bhaisaab Mumbai circuit covers huge area ..it also includes gujrat apart from most of the Maharashtra ( minus eastern Maharashtra) . ..Nizam [ Hyderabad state ( which was  a seperate country pre 1948)] also covers good area apart from Telangana , it includes eastern Maharashtra , eastern Karnataka, South Andhra pradesh .

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