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who had the smartest face in the 90s-akshay .amir or salman

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Navo u need not post pic coz even i feel dat amir in his early age is simply unmatchable........never an actor has or will look as smart as him
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In early 90s Aamir looked smarter than the others as he seemed more mature than others but Salman face changed from an amature teen to a very smart Men in late 90s.
Akki had never been that smart in 90s with his long hairs and somewhat shabby look. It was exactly from 2000 when he started looking smarty. He looked best in Dhadkan in his entire career for me.

by Unit Manager (33.7k points)
@Nayayug nd kashyap do u guys agree wid sandeeps answer coz i thnk so akshay lukd realy smart in movies like international khiladi,main khiladi tu anari etc...
Akshay was more of a someone with a macho look i'd say,aamir followed by salman had better face cuts,akshay was also good looking though.
Swaraj, it was Akki's style and his phisyque which made his look better in 90's otherwise I think Akki himself never intended to look cute at that time as he was having the image of rough and tough action hero. So, he always used to had that shabby look with long hairs and curved sleevs of very loos cloths.
agree wid u both.........navo rightly described hm macho...........i jst lyk d fact dat he wasnt a regular chocolaty conventional hero nd focusd more on action   dan stereotype lover boy roles
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Aamir khan had the best face in the 90s.

by Producer (107k points)
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Aamir in early 90s had better face but in late 90s sallu face really became too smart see films like jpkshh,pktdk,hddcs he spelled smartness on screen...

by Star (156k points)
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U cud have posted a bter pic


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