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Both films have combined budget of 500 crore while PS 1 is blockbuster with 260 crore nett and 490 crore worldwide PS 2 is a hit with 180 crore nett and 340 crore worldwide collections overseas combined is 283 crores huge success worldwide PS 2 is second highest grossing Tamil film after 2.0 but its collection in Tamil worldwide is more than 2.0 other big hits of Tamil industry are Vikram which collected 425 crores worldwide and Varisu at 293 crores worldwide
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Mani Ratnam has proved that he is one of the greatest director of Indian film industry

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Good to see Manirathnam sir getting his Biggest commercial Success in the form of Ponniyan Selvan 1.

Great comeback to Mr. Kamal Hassan through Vikram movie.
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