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Its almost sure that Pathaan will breach the 500 cr with all languages either with BOI figures or by Other trade figures although hindi 500cr is looking bit tough with competition from coming weeks.. so will BOI consider Pathaan a 500 cr movie or they won't consider the regional collections and wont write it down in record books.
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*If* Pathaan doesn't reach 500 Cr in Hindi, BOI won't call it an outright 500 Cr movie. I'm sure you also know that one thing BOI is consistent in, other than bashing European cinema, is their stubbornness to change.
yes its already known.... thing is here on this forum people will not term it 500 cr movie as mostly follow boi here .... though outside world and media will prefer what ever the producer figures announce ... if it somehow cross BB2 then its sure it will be all over news ... as of now every second person around me talking about super success of PAthaan
Err, that's not entirely true about 'World Media.' Even Variety reported Pathaan's figures, while making the distinction between the collections in Hindi and Dubbed versions.

Anyway, this conversation may not be necessary after all since it appears that Pathaan will hit the milestone. AMATW reviews don't look great, and the advances for Shehzada are dull, so..
The day has arrived, As per BOI Pathaan will cross ₹500 cr Nett approx today.

As per BOI, Pathaan Hindi version may Top BB2 Hindi Nett BOC with LT collections in the range of ₹510 cr to ₹515 cr.

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Pathaan is sure to cross ₹500cr in Hindi by BOI as well. There is some uncertainity over Baahubali 2's ₹510cr but feels like it will go over that as well.

This feels like Deja vu of Chennai Express, which went slightly ahead of 3 Idiots.
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hopefully that happens... it will be all over media and news then
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It doesn't matter. Yrf will release 500cr nett poster and all srkians will carry it around like a flag running around everywhere ,on bikes and on lorrys with dj and lazer show.
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जल रही है क्या?
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If YRF had not reduced the ATP would hit 500cr hindi by fourth weekend. Still it has great chance...but since we are in the forum again it might not hit 500. U know.....
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i think it was a good decision by YRF as people wont watch movie if tickets rates are high especially single screens and at the moment single screen is helping pathaan with decent collections.