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Uri the surgical strike collected 245 crores while kashmir files collected 247 crores and chances of kerala story crossing both these films are there as film will collect 175 crores minimum unless films drop significantly which looks improbable
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These films which are based on real facts are being called propoganda films by few political parties and anti nationals but these films became huge success by support of public worldwide

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In few years all these films will be forgotten. No real legacy. People who watch these films are not our regular bollywood audience. The film has no appeal whatsoever apart from the urge to see a certain community in bad light. People who promote and see such films suffer from small d!ck inferiority complex. 
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Uri without a doubt. It is the best product by leaps and bounds and its collection were organic (people realy liked the film).

The Kashmir Files was A propaganda (when corporates across the country book places by thousands and politicians call people to watch the film, that's a propaganda).

The Kerala Story is riding high on the contraversy without a push from corporates right now and we will see where it lands.
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Uri The Surgical strike 
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