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How would be, if I ask this question every Saturday?? Give your view.. Thanks
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I might give 1 more for Angeline superb performance... Not more than that... It was weak in term of scripting..
some good movies if u wanna c ...ground hog day...12 angry day afternoon....scarface...october sky    skeleton key &  the orphan(suspense horror)  comedy  -- > crazy stupid love,clerks 1 and 2,bridesmaid,my myself n irene ..... adventure..indiana jones series...... thrillers--> zodiac,saw
Really thanks for your recommendation. Heard too much about 12 Angry Men. Will watch soon. I've watched Indiana Zone, Saw & Zodiac.

This is where it all started, congratulations buddy (y) (y) :D :D

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In the big screen only one, HIGHWAY. Well after Jai Ho, the only other movie I went out to watch is Highway.

Highway - 3.5/5 & if it's on the scale of 10 then I would probably rate it 8/10.

Other than that,

The Tuxedo - 2.5/5. From 1 till 2.5, well it took more than a decade for this film to make me criticize it as well as rate it 2.5 otherwise it only deserves to be bashed.

Ghost Town - 3/5. Simple heartfelt movie. Again may be the 20th or 25th time I watched it.

Rogue - 2.5/5. Decent croc flick. Again may be some 5th or 6th time. Since past 6 years it's dvd is simply lying with all the others. Not as good as Black Water, but better than every other croc flick. May be I've watched it only this many times has made me appreciate this to an extent to recommend this to others.

A Serbian Film - 2/5. A friend asked me for some horror movies in my collection & particularly asked for this. I ended up watching it again.

Stranger Than Fiction - 4/5. Last night got the sudden craving to watch this one again at 12 am. May be it has crossed 50 times already of me watching it.

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You know, sometimes I got myself in suspicion. I mean, Do you really watch movies that number of times?? And that too since you use to watch too many cinemas from various countries. So, how do you get time and most important don't you get bored, I mean 50 times???.. This is insanity or real sign of cinema gore. Or may be I'm doubtful 'cause I, myself can't watch any movies that number of times. So thinking no other might watch.. There're very few movie. I can repeat that. And Gangs Of Wassaypur & Rang De Basanti are one of them, I've watched most number of time these movies.. But, I can't say that number of time would be more than 15... So, really??
I've owned Stranger Than Fiction for about 8 years now & it's a movie which I had bought without even watching. Just imagine how much I would've loved it to watch it so many times. But don't worry, there are not that many movies which I've loved to this extent to watch more than 10 times forget 50. I could just name Titanic, Maine Pyar Kiya, Hum Aapke Hain Koun, Ulta Palta (Kannada), Kshana Kshanam (Telugu), Sathi Leelavathy (Tamil), Pushpaka Vimana (Kamal's silent film), Bangarada Panjara (Kannada), Stranger Than Fiction are the only ones which I've watched that many times. MPK & HAHK credit goes Zee tv a lot. Then there's Arnie starrers Terminator, Predator etc.. which is not 50 but considering it's telecasts on tv since the 90's I could say 10-12 times there itself, add another 5-6 times with my dvd & another 3-4 times from the Blu-Ray extented director's cut versions.

And in case of Titanic, 39 times was watching it on the big screen (37 times back in 1997/98 & 2 times in 3D in 2012). Rest all those movies were tv viewing in case of MPK & HAHK, in case of Kshana Kshanam, it was my dad's vhs cassette which had become tradition to watch it on sundays along with all the neighbours. The number of times I have watched Kshana Kshanam is actually more than Titanic, infact more than every other movie. You can count since 1993, 2007 was the year the vcr player got screwed, so 14 years a very long time.
No no.. I'm not worrying... Main to soch rha tha.. :) I'm still thinking ki Maine Pyar Kiya me aisa kya tha??lol Well, I can't get this all philosophy.. But, one thing I remembered ki when I was very small I watched Jurassic Park many times.. That time I had very few vcr cassettes. And, except Dinosaur I might have not understood another things.. So, watched that consistently and consistently. Time got changed and came CD/DVD period.. Options increased as well.. Then soon, time took another changed & that's too very fast. And, now we have immense options..
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ZERO !!!!!!!!!!!

by Editor (86.9k points)
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drive 7/10
10 things i hate abt u 10/10
django unchained 7/10
bridge to terabithia 10/10
crush 6.5/10
cell 211 7.5/10
heroine 6/10
z0diac 9/10

I think Django Unchained deserves little more.. I likes it very much..
Though, it's all ur opinion.. :)
i watched only  70% wud finish it tom    ...but it wasn't dat engagin
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Gunday - 5.5/10,Dunyadari(marathi) -8/10,Timepass - 8/10,Kickass - 7/10,Lootera 7.5/10.

by Super-star (161k points)
Yy are petople over rating time pass...i watched the movie excpt few things it was really borng
karan, what is the gener of duniyaari, plz tell me some details, do i watch it?
@zikr,its must watch movie.i had watch it 5times till has everything love,romance,comeedy,action,emotion.
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Hasee Toh Phasee-3/5 (and surprisingly i liked the movie, which i didn't expected)


Bye Bye Bangok (bengali)- 2.5/5

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Blackmail 3/5
De Dana Dan 2/5
The Notebook 4/5
Main Ho Na 3.5/5
Hashar(punjabi) 4.5/5
Singham 4.5/5
A Walk To Remember 4/5

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Would like to start from 11th Feb

11th........The Pianist-3.75/5, Scent Of A Woman-4/5

12th........50 First Dates 4/5

13th........Black Hawk Down 3/5

14th........Cast Away 4.25/5

15th........The Green Mile 4.5/5, Secretary 2.5/5

16th........Larry Crowne 3/5

17th........Chicago 4/5, TLOBS 3.5/5

18th........K3G 4.5/5(FB par 2larkion ko dance krtay dekh leya tha Laija Laija py to phir dil kr pra dekhnay ka :) )

21st........Prague 3.75/5

22nd.......The Wedding Singer 3.5/5, R.Rajkumar 2.25/5

One friend said that i rated The Pianist less........n many friends abused me for low rating of Black Hawk.......Aur abhi mila nhn wrna R.Rajkumar par bhi bisti pakki lag rahi h cz they enjoyed this crap(headbang)

by Assistant Director (41.3k points)
Baadshah & Navoarsenal! There should not be compare bw both performance. Both were good at their own place and both did justified with their character..
Suhas: yeah...i saw it after MNIK.......n MNIK for me is MNIK........n i m not the one who thinks that there is much connection b/w these two films.....even SRK for me was inspired by Dustin Hoffman not Tom Hanks, but people bring FG.........n u know, for me Rizvan's characterization is fantastic n KJo did complete justice to it which grows in second half esp. with church scene.....oh!!maybe u take that scene also under that ''anti-shy behavior of Rizvan'' Sihan said, OPINION DIFFERS

n FG qasm sy aik achi entertainer thi, not more than that......with me, it happened like ''chalo aik achi film dekh li, ab bnd kr do''.......whereas TGM k kya he alag baat h

Navo: tu wohi h na jisko dunya mein sb actor incl. Amitabh, Dilip, DDLewis......Aamir sy km talented lgtay hain(giggle).......ab monh na kholein

Ankit: Yaar it is overrated for me........if i remember it correctly then it was above Shawshank in many ratings n then with time TSR got recognition still not enough i guess........n even FG got oscar that year instead of TSR............for me TSR is FAAAAAARRRRRRR better than FG........n FG don't deserve to be called a classic etc etc

aray ghaenta request bhejon is par........''the is link is broken'' aa rha h....kuch gadbad h........check kr

N i completely agree that we should not compare these two performances:o
Lolz.. Typo..
Name movie and rate all, you've watched (23Feb-1Mar). Week II.
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Gunday -5/10
Hangover -6.5/10
Monster in law -5.5/10
District 9 - 9/10
Sarfarosh (20th time)-9.5/10
Reel Steel-8.5/10

by Star (156k points)
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Just one! Malena - 3.5/5, an Italian movie, apart from being a good movie, it's literally a tribute to all the admirers of Monica Bellucci's beauty!

by Production Designer (15.8k points)
see jamon jamon then for penelope cruz beauty..... :o
It Seems, Malena would be interesting to watch.. Was reading its plot on wiki. And got to know very funny things..
''A young boy, 12-year old Renato, experiences three major events in one day: First, Italy goes to war, second, he gets a new bike, and third, he first sees the beautiful lady, Malena.''....
Dafaq. What is mean of he first sees the beautiful lady??? Italy me crises chal rha tha kya??lol Ya phir wo bike ka impact tha, jis se usse laga ki ab koi bhi pat sakti hai... Ya phir wo war ka impact tha??
@Ankit 007... You should watch the film to feel it. May be you would need much more viewings to get every subtle underlined messages of that movie but it's still the only movie to have presented Bellucci in the best possible way. If you want to ruin your experience, then a Tamil B-Grade flick tried miserably to copy this film starring "NAMITHA".
Then, it would be great to watch. Whenever and wherever I'll get this movies. I'll give it first priority.
And why will I want to ruin my experience.? Since, I've immense option.. :)
immense ki jagah infinite thik rahega..
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Chalte Chalte, Pyaar Ka Punchnama

by Producer (114k points)
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Start of an incredible series, still going strong..!!

by All Time best! (269k points)

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