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they only speak when they think it is advantageous for them it is the most scared film industry in the  world
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Rey...! Corrupt word is used w.r.t Politicians & Govt.Officials who take Bribe.
Why Corrupt is used for Bollywood Industry can you brief it ?

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If you can't spread love atleast don't spread hate.

I think so you have become member of IBO forum to spread hate on Bollywood.

Bollywood Superstars have spoken enough that resulted beatings on their careers and personal life.

Why only Bollywood Superstars need to raise voices ? In today's times there are N number of Celebrities from different sectors in India let them speak..!
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+1 for kls !

I will pass on all the assaults on Bollywood from James, he has the right to not support it.

But blaming bollywood celebrities again and again for the smallest thing is becoming ridiculous. With this crap of internet and social media, only hate is spreading instead of love and respect and it's disgusting.

Before taking on celebrities, why don't we look to ourself in the mirror ? Do we stand for things that metter on our level ? I don't think. The world is full of hate and rage because the majority of people are spreading these feelings !
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