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Rakesh Roshan 's Interview , He Speaks About Krrish 4 & collections of Krrish 3....[ Interview Below]

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On Saturday , During a Function in Mumbai, Rakesh Roshan talked about " Krrish Franchise" .

He Said that Currently he don't want to move on with the Franchise , His next film will be on another Topic , After that he will make Krrish -4 .
His words were -: " Currently , I Am making a non-Krrish film , After that , there will be turn of Krrish - 4 . But I will make this will make this film with Honesty and Truthness , In Hastiness I will not repeat a mistake like Kites."

He also said that Krrish - 4 will be an International level film , on which there will be special care during time of Release.

He mentioned that " Final Collections of Krrish 3 is 229 crores and he is very much happy about that . I miss those days when film used to run for months in theaters. Nowadays there is too much pressure for making good films , because one Super-Hit Film runs max for 3 Weeks. "
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Krrish 4??????hain????????u r gonna give me a heartattack
i guess Krrish 4 mein aur bhi zyada ala VFX hn gy ........hmmmm.....tabhi Rakesh uncle ko yeh soojhi
Abhi toh 4 saal lagenge uss mein.
chalo......hopefully yeh 4saal baad he KMG aur Krrish(first) jaise achi films ko compliment krnay k qabil ho sakein

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So from 244 now he came to 229cr..Badhiya hai..Even I want break from Krrish series...He should make movie like kmg knph or his old movie like khudgarz which is all about human relation with good blend of emotion action and Romance...He is very good in that Gener..

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+3 votes 229:-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

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After few days he wil tel it collected 210 cr acc to him and acc to boi 197cr.

by Camera Operator (9.8k points)


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