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Zanjeer Prakash Mehra

Roti Kapda aur Makaan Manoj Kumar

Deewar Yash Chopra

Sholay Ramesh Sippy

Parvarish Manmohan Desai

Amar akbar anthony Manmohan Desai

Muqaadar ka sikandar Prakash Mehra

Don Chandra Barot

Trishul Yash Chopra

Suhaag Manmohan Desai

Mr Natwarlal Rakesh Kumar

Dostana Raj Khosla

Naseeb Manmohan Desai

Laawaris Prakash Mehra

Namak Halal Prakash Mehra

Andha Kanoon T Rama Rao

Coolie Manmohan Desai

Mard Manmohan Desai

Mohabbatein Aditya Chopra

Kabhi khushi kabhie gham Karan Johar

Manmohan Desai 6 Films

Prakash Mehra 4 Films

Yash Chopra 2 Film

Ramesh Sippy 1 Film

Manoj Kumar 1 Film

Chandra Barot 1 Film

Rakesh Kumar 1 Film

Raj Khosla 1 Film

T Rama Rao 1 Film

Aditya Chopra 1 Film

Karan Johar 1 Film
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Films which were close to blockbusters were hera pheri,sharaabi,aaj ak arjun and hum

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Coolie, Mard, Laawaris, Trishul, Deewaar and Zanjeer are super hits.

Andhaa Kanoon, Naseeb, Dostana, Suhaag, Don and Parvarish are hits.

Namak Halaal and Mr Natwarlal are just a semi-hits.

So maybe in the super hits some will be upgraded to Blockbuster statut but not the hits and semi-hits...
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Naseeb and Laawaris are mega blockbusters with footfalls over 4 crores
Mard is much bigger hit than Dangal with footfalls over 4.5 crores
Suhaag was the top grosser of the year with footfalls over 3 crores
Coolie is atb with footfalls over 6 crores
Andha Kanoon is declared blockbuser by BOI
Namak Halal is a blockbuster with footfalls over 3 crore
Zanjeer and Deewar are blockbusters with footfalls over 3 crores
Trishul is mega blockbuster with footfalls over 4 crores
Don and Parvarish are blockbusters with footfalls close to 3 crores
Mr Natwarlal and Dostana are also blockbusters
If Coolie and Mard are super hits then aamir and srk dont have any blockbuster in their career you are giving old BOI verdicts which has no relevance upgrade your knowledge if you can probably BOI may update their data and you will know the stardom of Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh Bachchan
Slowly but surely BOI will update legendary blockbusters of Megastars of bollywood Coolie made over ₹10 million per territory, a rare achievement for the time and was a huge blockbuster with estimated that the film had sold 70 million tickets huge record
Naseeb was an "All Time Earner", got the highest verdict (equivalent to All Time Blockbuster today) present at that time by Trade Guide Bollywood box office magazine, and was among those rare movies which crossed 1 crore per territory. There were only 13 All Time Earners (crossing 1 crore per territory) before 1984, and Naseeb was among them.
Adjusted for inflation, Trishul gross is equivalent to $55.7 million (₹4.13 billion) and its Soviet gross is equivalent to $38.5 million (₹2.85 billion), for a total inflation-adjusted worldwide gross of $94.2 million (₹6.98 billion).

In terms of footfalls, the film sold an estimated 43 million tickets domestically and 29.7 million tickets in the Soviet Union for an estimated total of 72.7 million tickets sold worldwide.
You are the one who is not on the page. The entertainment world changed a lot in the 2000, so a 3 Cr film is a rarety nowaday but in the 70's a 3 Cr was the threshold for hit statut not more.

And why do you bring Soviet Union on the card, does that count for the BOI verdict ?!

And All time earner doesn't mean All time blockbuster (you have to take the budget in account).
Thanks but i am aware of the stardom of Bachchan, Khanna and Dharmendra they are still my favorite actors.