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OK...i never liked Gajini and im using Gajini for example only.Now from few years there are lot of negativity around big movies.Now people have started thinking that a Big actor can't give a great performance or a great movie.For example last year most of the critics only included small,'flop' movies in their best of the year list.They even excluded BMB and S26(for me BMB was last years best movie).More examples - At the time of Rockstar and Barfii,Ranbir was highly praised and some even called him best actor of this time but after success of YJHD things are not same.Aamir never had following like SRK and Salman but he was most respected actor(still among masses) but now 'so called great movie fans' and urban audiences are criticising his movies.Now ppl want movies of Hollywood level but they don't to act like Hollywood audiences.In Hollywood many big movies and that with diff geners are considered as greatest but not in India.Why ? I'm only asking about behaviour !
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I dnt call ghajini crap neither do i call main hu na as crap or any other such films as long as it is good for me.

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