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Can Krrish 3 be the 1st film to cross 250 cr in domestic if wom is one of best of all time ..??..Give reasons also

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If Wom is one of the best then 250 cr is definately possible Reasons for it
1.Huge release and buzz so if great wom is added to that then big collection will happen as great wom will also ensure repeat audience and considering that mega business is possible
2.2 Open weeks so if wom is great then this reason will ensure great stability in collection and 250 cr will be possible
3.Family audiences is the main section which will watch Krrish 3 so if wom is great it will really have many families coming to theatres so mega collections as families are biggest section of audiences which can zoom the collection to an all time high...
So all these factors will ensure 250 cr with great wom but lets make it clear if wom is best possible then 250 cr will definately happen as the film attracts to all sections of audiences

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See we saw humour as a core in all biggest grossers of the industry from sholay to mpk to hahk to gadar to dhoom 2 to ghajani to 3 idiots to c'exp now. All binded their audience with screen humour from the start. Family audiences want to celebrate their day, they less want to see the sci fi thing goin but will just love to see humour, some emotions.. this pulls their interest very fastly. If Rakesh ji provides a light first 15-20 minutes start it'll be very helpful i guess.
Why it'll earn 250 crores?
> 1. It possess just the kind of elements to bring 3 crores footfalls.

  1. 14 days open run with atleast 6-7 big holidays!
  1. right amount of required buzz before the release!
  1. 4000 screens but at every corner of the country to ensure a 30 crores opening!
  1. Hrithik's starpower doubles under his home banner!
  1. Mind of Rakesh roshan behind to ensure that every man will able to take something out of it!
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If wom is gud to very good then it will surely cross 250cr..Lets analyse:-1st weekend 75/77cr, monday 32,24,16,13=162cr, 2nd weekend 42cr nd weekdays 25cr, total second week 67cr means two week collection around 229cr, 3week collection 15cr nd 4thwk 8cr means total 250cr plus..All depend on wom becz the target audience is kids nd family plus deewali festival mode extended holiday in schhol nd office till tuesday (bhaidooj), In second week moharram semi holiday. .

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It doesn't need best Wom for 250cr even with good to very good Wom it can easily cross 250cr

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Easily. If 3Idiots in 2009 can do 200cr then I am sure market has inreased atleast 50cr since then for movies. WOM similar to 3Idiots which was one of the best of all time can make it cross 250crs. Even 300crs could be a distant possibility in that case.

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