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The teaser features references to Pathaan and Jawaan.

It's interesting to note that Ayushmann has referenced SRK in pre-release promotions for his two latest projects, with the first being his tour of SRK's home, Mannat, prior to the release of 'Action Hero'.

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He is no more choosing watchable movies. Andhadhun, Dream Girl, Badhai Ho, Article 15 were all great movies in their own genre. After that his choices of movies were too weird, I couldn't watch an Anek or Action Hero; they didn't appeal a bit. And this one has the great actress in this. I don't feel very good about this one because of the actress; but it could be better than the recent 7 movies of his box-office wise. His last good movie was Article 15, hope he gets selecting a good movie again in future.

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Things have changed drastically since 2019. AK's kind of movies no longer working. Not much expected here either..
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Ayushman Khurana is a big fanboy of SRK, he even bodied that random pereon twitter who was saying Screw Pathaan, watch Action Hero.
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I watched Action Hero but didn't like it much, to be honest. Maybe my expectations were a bit too high, given how highly it was praised by many people.
Koi zyada khaas nahi hai.
@zin comedy worked well for me in Action Hero, especially Jaideep. action could have been more fun like Thallumaala.
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This was Cringe 

AK kinda cinema isn't working add to the fact that all his films have been very poor too since pandemic 
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Yeah, incredibly cringe.
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Wrong choice of movie with a wronger choice of heroine. I want  to see ayushman in a biopic of some Swiggy/Zomato delivery guy who develops a fetish for voyeurism and peeping tom'ery during the course of his career as a delivery executive. Who drowns himself in his voyeuristic kink thereby destroying his lucrative job, his personal relationship with his gf and his standing in the society.Maybe include a scene like he goes to deliver some stuff to a mature curvy women in her 30s who comes straight from the bathroom and her towel falls off while talking handling the delivery .
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Hahahahaaaaa. Man...you haven't changed one bit.
Time changes a person.. but since I'm a time traveller, I cannot change.. 2014 is 2023 for me

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