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I have seen a few articles shared from sites that seems to be spammy and non-referable. Those posts are written and posted just to create fan wars and to increase pageviews.


So please dont share such content and spoil the mood and atmosphere of this forum.
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Improve ur accept rate :p
Sorry sir. I will.
Sir, Done. Happy?

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Those articles are written by random fans and they are written in favour of one star of which that person is fond of and mostly contain baseless, useless and mostly wrong contents and facts

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Yes, I have no problems in people sharing contents from believable sites that are not biased, but this in turn will result in fights.,
I can understand srk and aamir fans asking that but i still can't believe that naya yug shared one of them even after that one was looking fake and biased and illogical
Yes, I was also confused when saw Naya Yug one. I hope he wont repeat it.

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